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I've never heard that sexual activities could disturb a normal heart. A healthy interest for sex and active sexual life is probably the best way of protecting against any heart's disease. Cardiologists agree that the 3 major factors able to cause hearts' diseases are the lack of sport, excessive weight and nervous tension. The frequent and vigorous sex controls all these dangers.
There are certain important physical exercises that assure copulation's advantages. Vigorous pelvic movements maintain the whole vertebral column's muscles and articulations being in order. The entire body's circulation is improved, while deep respiration is stimulated.

Sex is a great sport beating even the jogging. The latter's main purpose is to increase pulse up to 120 beatings per minute and to augment, thus, the cardiac reserve. During sexual intercourse the pulse increases up to 160 beatings per minute. Blood's pressure rises for a short period with 50% - it is considered to be an advantage. Also it was calculated that an average sexual intercourse consumes circa 150 calories - a great cure for those who control their weight.

A single intercourse equals to a half an hour of jogging. For the biggest part of individuals, 4 rounds of jogging across the park in a foggy and cold morning are not to be compared with a sex round in a warm bed.
Each man is eagerly offering 40 minutes of tramping on a pavement instead of an hour within a passionate woman's soft arms.
Another disadvantage of the regulate sport is that sometimes you forget about it. Sex is much harder to forget and your partner is nearby to remember about it. Unlike jogging sex doesn't need special shoes.

In case when you lack partner you should anyway benefit from sexual moments. A friendly sex toy could help you! During the foreplay it can easily stimulate your genitals and make your partner horny. The wide range of funny sex toys enhances the beauty of each individual's sexual life.
Make sport, have sex and play with these gorgeous sex toys for bringing brightness and new sensations within your relationship!
10th-Jan-2007 11:11 am - Sweet expectation
I do recommend you to read all articles about sex, even if the topic does not seem interesting to you. Believe it or not, you really can find something useful for you. As for me, once I found a cute thing when reading an article on a BDSM site. I am not a BDSM lover, but still I was interested in these issues, I wanted to find a good idea on how to vary my sex life.

Do you know what sensory deprivation is? It implies that a person is deprived of a sense: vision or hearing, or them both, or of ability to speak while making love. What to deprivation of ability to speak (this is possible due to gags, especial sex toys which are placed in the mouth) I did not find this idea a good one, as I do love speaking and moaning during sex. Another thing seemed cute to me. I mean depriving one of the partners of vision.

I do advice you to be interested in everything related to sexuality. Read articles about gays, lesbians, about anal sex and other things irrespective of your sexual orientation and preferences. You will find something cute and useful!

We did try it! We used especial blindfolder for this purpose (you can buy one at a sex store). Of course, you can use a simple scarf, but I do love the way these blindfolders look). You cannot imagine what sensations I had! Being deprived of vision I did not know what my partner was going to do next, and this expectation was really sweet. I didn't see anything and every his touch made me shiver. He caressed me with his palms, he stimulated my erogenous zones with sex toys (I have plenty of cute women's sex toys): with clitoral vibrator and with a nipple arouser, he touched my body with ice cubes…My sensations were twice stronger than usual! I didn't have a stronger orgasm before!
27th-Dec-2006 01:44 pm - Do not be silent
What prevents you from getting pleasure in bed? Why are you always dissatisfied with your sex life? There can be plenty of reasons for your dissatisfaction, but don't you think that often we deprive ourselves of sexual pleasure by being silent and to shy to share our desires with our partners? You want your partner to do something, so why do you keep silence, why don't you let him know about your wishes and fantasies?

I speak about this matter because I myself had plenty of such situations and I would like to tell you about one of them.

Once I happened to read my boyfriend's letter to a girl - do not ask me where I got his password from! As far as I understood he never saw this girl, thus he could speak to her about anything. I never new he had such a sexual fantasy - to be penetrated anally by a woman with a strap on sex toy! For those who do not know what a strap-on sex toy is: these sex toys are designed to be worn by one partner to penetrate another, there are plenty of various strap-on dildos and vibrators.

Why did he share his fantasy with a stranger instead of me? Did he think that his passion for anal sex would make me think he was a gay? How can I think so being a reasonable person who knows that most men, irrespective of their sexual orientation love anal play? Of course, I did not let him know I read his letter, but after some time I suggested myself to buy a strap-on dildo and to change the roles! This was cute! We both were excited by the new play and my boyfriend said he never had a stronger orgasm!

You see that silence in bed makes no good. Share your desires, share your fantasies! Be sincere with each other!
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